ALL Small Businesses can use a Virtual PA

One of the things I love about my job is that I could potentially work with anyone. The services I offer and the way in which I work means I am accessible to all – regardless of geographical location or industry – using a PA isn’t reserved for those who sit behind a desk all day…..

Quite often as I talk to clients, they start to realise just how much they could delegate to free up their time and allow them to concentrate on other areas of their business.

You’re a plumber in Colchester? No problem, let’s meet face to face and I can help organise that bundle of receipts from the glove box of your van.

You’re an Event Planner in London? Great! That’s what video calling and emails were made for – I can run a venue and supplier search and email it over.

You’re a busy shop owner in Manningtree who wants to better connect with their customers? No problem, send me some screenshots of those hand-scribbled notes and I’ll set up a (GDPR compliant) database and CRM system.

And because I work to an hourly rate you can use me as often or as little as you need with no obligation – equally, if you’d like me to spend some hours in your office, I make a lovely cup of tea (and will bring biscuits).

person pouring tea on a cup
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