What is a Virtual PA?

A Virtual PA is, quite simply, that extra pair of hands you need every now and again. As a small business owner you most likely have ‘peaks and troughs’ in your business year, those quieter manageable moments and then those crazy, manic ‘help, how will I ever have a day off again?’ moments. You don’t need (or want) to hire someone as a permanent solution to these busy periods – but you could do with someone reliable, experienced and conscientious at the end of the phone to occasionally save your sanity.

What does a Virtual PA do?

Everyone’s business preferences are unique; some thrive on planning and researching, others on selling and networking; others on finances and forecasting – but everyone has those jobs they hate to do. That said, a Virtual PA doesn’t just have to take on those dreaded tasks – we can simply take things from your ‘To Do’ list to free up your time; or maybe you’re going on holiday and just want to know that your emails are being monitored in your absence? Anything we can do to help.

The Top Tasks

In case you were still wondering whether a Virtual PA can help you and your business, this is a list of the most popular tasks assigned to VPAs….

  1. Email Management
  2. Calendar Management
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Customer Service (email or phone)
  5. Content creation (for website and blog posts)
  6. Email Newsletters
  7. Facebook Ads
  8. Website Design and Copy
  9. Proofreading
  10. (Internet) Research
  11. Ghost Writing
  12. PR/Press Releases
  13. Data Entry
  14. Accounting and/or Bookkeeping

Resourceful Solution have also….

  • Organised and attended/exhibited at business exhibitions on behalf of clients
  • Gathered quotes and documents for projects and presentations
  • ‘Stood in’ for clients at Networking events
  • Populated CRM and Booking Systems
  • Planned and attended corporate events as on-site assistance